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Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

When dealing with a personal injury, your entire world comes to a screeching halt. Get things moving again by winning an injury claim with assistance from an LA personal injury attorney.

No matter what type of accident has caused you injury in Los Angeles, if you weren’t the one who caused it, you shouldn’t be held accountable for it. It’s not fair in this situation for you to have to pay for the losses your injury has caused you.

You are likely widening your eyes at your vehicle’s damage, shaking your head over missed time from work, and pulling your hair out over piling medical bills. None of this was your fault, and you shouldn’t suffer financially for it in addition to the emotional, mental, and physical suffering you’ve already faced.

Working with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at Custodio & Dubey, LLP will help you hold the at-fault party accountable for your losses. By filing an auto injury claim against them, you can do what’s possible to receive monetary compensation to pay for the damages you’ve faced.

Types of Injury Cases in Los Angeles, California

A person can be injured by another in a variety of ways: You could be hurt in a vehicle wreck, at a friend’s house, or while walking down the street. When your injury was caused by another and not due to your own carelessness, that’s when you can file a personal injury claim.

The type of claim you have will depend on your injury accident. For instance, if you were hurt in a vehicle crash, California’s car crash laws will be used to decide your case. If a dangerous product injured you, product liability laws will affect your case.

Your LA injury lawyer at our firm has seen all types of injury cases. Here are a few of the most common:

How Your Personal Injury Affects Your Compensation

You might not realize this, but the type of injury you sustained in your accident will affect how much compensation you can receive. For example, if you received a minor wrist fracture in an auto wreck, you will likely have limited financial losses. However, if you sustained a serious spinal injury, you could be looking at a lifetime’s worth of damages.

Your Los Angeles claim must adequately compensate you for your losses, no matter how big or small your injuries. The following are some of the injuries that can impact your compensation more than other injury types.

  • Head Injuries – Trauma to the head can cause brain injuries that could impact you for life. Your injury could affect your balance, mobility, coordination, memory, personality, mood, and many other things. You deserve to receive full and fair compensation for a traumatic brain injury.
  • Amputations – The loss of a limb is a very serious injury that will likely cause you significant physical pain and emotional suffering. This kind of injury can change the course of your life, greatly limiting your mobility. You can sue the party that was responsible for causing you this injury.
  • Spinal Cord Damage – A spinal injury can make life as you knew it change forever. If your injury is particularly serious, you could even be paralyzed. You could need mobility aids and possibly caregiving assistance for the rest of your life. You deserve justice for the way your life has been forever altered.
  • Internal Injuries – Damage to internal organs can severely impact your health. Depending on which organs are affected, your body might never be the same again. Holding the person accountable is within your rights when you’ve been severely injured.
  • Severe Burns – Most people think of burn injuries as surface wounds, but that’s not the case at all. Serious burn injuries can go deep into your body’s tissue, affecting muscle tissue and other connective tissue. Burn injuries can severely limit your mobility, affect your physical appearance, impact your self-confidence, and cause you pain.
  • Broken Bones – Some broken bone injuries can be very serious, and your bones might not ever heal fully. You could suffer with pain and limited mobility for life. Your Los Angeles injury attorney will work to see that you receive full compensation for your pain and suffering from fractured and broken bones.

Getting a Settlement from an Insurance Company

When you think of filing an injury claim, you probably think that you’re suing the at-fault party directly. That’s true, but it’s not usually the at-fault party that will be compensating you for your losses. You will be paid for your losses by that party’s insurance company. That’s also who you’ll be dealing with when filing your claim.

You will need to submit your claim to the insurer, provide evidence that proves their insured client was to blame for your injuries and losses, and request compensation from them. In a perfect world, they would then pay you for your expenses and future expenses, and everyone would move on with their lives as best they could.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are never that easy to deal with. They may fight you on your claim, allege that you are lying or trying to take advantage of them, or possibly even deny your case altogether. Why would an insurance company do this to an injury accident victim? You didn’t cause your injuries—why should you suffer further?

The insurance company isn’t really out to get you, per se; they just don’t want to give you their money. They will sometimes do whatever they can to minimize an injury claim’s value. That’s why it’s advisable to have your LA personal injury attorney assist you in managing the insurance company.

Damages for Your LA Injury Claim

You are probably already aware that you can be compensated for your injuries when someone else caused them, but you might not know what type of damages you can receive in Los Angeles.

For example, when injured in a car accident, you might know you can receive payment for property loss, missed work wages, and medical expenses. You might not know that you can receive payment for your pain and suffering and for future expenses as well.

You can be compensated for your lost earning potential, and you can be compensated for medical bills that haven’t even happened yet. Your LA personal injury lawyer will see to it that your compensation adequately provides for your injuries and provides for your future damages.

The following is a list of damages common in personal injury claims in Los Angeles:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income and lost earning potential
  • Medical bills, including future medical bills
  • Loss of your life enjoyment
  • Mental trauma and the cost to treat you
  • Physical therapy expenses
  • Property damage, if applicable

Reach Out to a Los Angeles Injury Attorney

Filing and winning a personal injury case is a lot for you to deal with right now, especially as you need to be focused on recuperation. Working with an injury lawyer in Los Angeles can help you to receive the justice and money you deserve for an injury accident you weren’t responsible for causing.

Reach out to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at Custodio & Dubey, LLP to get started on your claim. Don’t delay in contacting a lawyer, because in California you have only two years in which to submit your injury claim. Receive a free case assessment when you call 213-593-9095 or when you send in the contact form on this page.

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