Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer

When you’ve sustained a head injury in an accident not of your making, you can likely be compensated for all you’ve suffered. Partner with an LA brain injury attorney at our firm to get started on your claim.

Brain injuries are serious, and they can change the course of your life. When someone else caused the accident that brought about your head trauma, you have a right to seek damages from them. Filing an injury claim in LA may seem like a lot to deal with right now, but it’s the only way to receive monetary compensation for your losses.

Brain damage can bring about large life changes for you, all due to the carelessness of another. You will need to win a settlement to pay for the damages you’ve faced, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Work alongside a Los Angeles brain injury lawyer to see that justice is done and compensation is yours.

Types of Accidents That Could Cause Brain Damage

One of the important duties your LA head injury lawyer has is to investigate your accident and discover what or who caused your head injury. Figuring out who is responsible is important, because the person responsible is who you will file your injury claim against. You must also be able to prove that the person was negligent.

There are many different situations that can cause a brain injury. For instance, you could sustain a head injury in a vehicle collision. You could also receive brain trauma from striking your head upon the ground during a dog attack. Regardless of the exact circumstances, filing your claim against the person responsible for your brain damage is within your rights.

Here are some common accident types that could cause brain damage:

How Does Brain Damage Affect Your Life?

Brain trauma is a grave injury that can affect you for life. Your injury could cause memory loss, cognitive functioning issues, personality and mood changes, and difficulty with balance and coordination, among other issues.

These brain-related issues can change everything about your life, such as your ability to work, your ability to walk, your life enjoyment, and your ability to process information and lead your life as you did before the accident.

You didn’t deserve to receive a brain injury, but you do deserve to receive compensation for it. Monetary compensation can help you to provide for a future that now includes the effects of brain damage.

Receiving the Money You Deserve for Your LA Brain Injury Case

When you hire a Los Angeles traumatic brain Injury lawyer from our office to help you with your case, your claim’s chances of success are increased. This means that you are more likely to receive a settlement and that the settlement you receive is more likely to adequately compensate you for everything you’ve been through in Los Angeles.

You are owed compensation for all your damages when someone else caused the accident that led you to suffer head trauma.

You can be paid for your financial losses, such as medical care costs.

You can also be paid for your nonfinancial losses, such as the loss of your cognitive functioning, your inability to work, and the various life changes this injury has brought about.

Depending on the severity of your brain injury, your life could be forever changed. You might even require cognitive treatment and caregiving assistance. You might never be able to work the job you once did. Who’s going to provide you with an income if you can’t work?

A settlement might be about more than just justice—it might be about your future. Down below is a list of damages your Los Angeles lawyer can work hard to secure for you.

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost life enjoyment
  • Medical treatment costs and future treatment costs
  • Mental and emotional suffering
  • Caregiving assistance cost
  • Lost wages and lost future wages
  • Permanent disability

Speak with a Head Trauma Attorney in Los Angeles, California

The person who caused your brain damage must be held to account for it. You can receive justice and a full settlement by winning an injury claim. Filing and winning a claim on your own would be difficult, especially as you’re dealing with pain and injuries and you’re trying to recover from your LA accident.

That’s why it’s advisable to partner with a Los Angeles brain injury lawyer from Custodio & Dubey, LLP. Our firm offers free case evaluations so that you can talk to a lawyer without fear of obligation. Call us directly at 213-593-9095, or fill in the case evaluation form located at the bottom of this webpage.