If you or a loved one was involved in a construction accident, auto accident or any other accident that resulted in amputation or dismemberment, you will need the assistance of an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to represent you. An amputation is a form of a catastrophic personal injury and these cases cannot be taken lightly. Amputation accidents can be life-altering for the victim.  They are physically, as well as emotionally devastating. All the costs associated with traumatic amputations can leave you and your family in a state of financial hardship. Most insurance policies will not adequately cover all costs associated with an amputation injury.

The law firm of Custodio & Dubey LLP has extensive experience handling cases where their client has suffered amputation or dismemberment injuries. They know what it takes to litigate these types of cases in order to recover the maximum monetary award for their clients.  When a traumatic amputation is the result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you have legal rights that can help you recover compensation for damages and costs that result. The most common types of amputation or dismemberment injuries occur due to:

The most accurate statistics estimate that one out of every 200 people in the United States has had an amputation. While the rates for trauma-related amputations have gone down, there are still a significant number of amputations due to accidents each year.  Approximately 1.8 million people living with limb loss in the United States. Many incidents of limb loss or amputations are the result of an accident.  Accident-related amputations are the second leading cause of limb loss after vascular disease in the US.  Almost 70% of accident-related amputations involve the upper-limbs. Males are at a significantly higher risk for traumatic amputations and the risk of traumatic amputation increases with age; elderly people are at the highest risk of traumatic amputations.

The medical costs associated with an amputation are substantial. Victims of traumatic amputation injuries require surgery, long stays in the hospital followed by an extensive rehabilitation process. Amputees can need significant future medical costs for ongoing rehabilitation and therapy, which might continue for the rest of the victim’s life. Many amputees require expensive prosthetics, or artificial limbs. These prosthetics can cost tens of thousands of dollars and must be replaced every two to five years. The emotional and psychological toll of limb loss can require additional therapy and treatment.

Traumatic amputations also result in additional non-medical costs.  Without the use of their lost limb, an amputee’s earning potential is forever changed and can result in loss of employment income. Often an amputee cannot return to the same job or perform their occupation as before the accident. In such cases, amputees may require vocational training in order to find adequate employment opportunities. It may also be necessary to make modifications to the victim’s home to make the home more accessible and functional for the amputee.  Insurance often will not sufficiently compensate an accident victim for all of these incurred costs.

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