There’s no need to deal with the aftermath of a serious auto accident alone. A car accident attorney in Downey can help you recover compensation.

A car accident is one of the most traumatic experiences you can have. Each time you enter your vehicle, there’s a legitimate chance you will suffer a severe injury or worse while attempting to safely reach your destination. Unfortunately, human negligence is often the culprit behind car accidents.

Individuals who are preoccupied with their phones, their radios, or rubbernecking are road hazards for other motorists. If you or a member of your family has become the latest victim of negligence on California roads, you deserve legal representation from a Downey car accident lawyer at Custodio & Dubey LLP.

Common Causes of Downey Auto Accidents

Understanding the cause of your Downey car crash is the first step toward receiving compensation for your pain and suffering. Some of the many possible causes of your car wreck include the following:

  • Distracted Driving – Being distracted by your surroundings or devices while operating a vehicle
  • Speeding – Dangerously driving over the speed limit and putting the lives of other motorists at risk
  • Drunk Driving – Driving while under the influence of alcohol, which severely impacts your motor skills
  • Disobeying Traffic Laws – Carelessly putting the lives of other motorists at risk by disregarding California traffic laws

These irresponsible actions take the lives of countless people each year. Statistics show that this type of behavior claimed at least 3,166 lives in 2017. But your life shouldn’t be placed in jeopardy because of someone’s negligent behavior.

If you suspect that you’re the victim of someone else’s negligence, call an experienced car accident attorney in Downey.

Auto Injuries

The number and severity of potential injuries you can suffer in a car accident is staggering. Depending on the type of wreck you’re involved in, your entire body is at risk of being injured in a multitude of ways.

Suffering from a severe head injury, for instance, can have lifelong effects that will disrupt your day-to-day. Your emotional wellbeing is also highly at risk in the aftermath of an auto accident. Even after your injuries heal, you may still experience bouts of depression or anxiety linked to your traumatic experience.

Even if you’re fortunate enough to make a full recovery without any lasting pain, there’s a high chance of you amassing a huge hospital bill. Combine this aspect of your Downey car wreck with the potential of you missing days, weeks, or even months of work, and you may be pushed to your financial limit.

If you find yourself dealing with this stressful scenario because of someone’s negligence, contact an auto accident attorney at our firm.

Contact a Downey Car Accident Attorney

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With over twenty-five years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at Custodio & Dubey LLP are more than capable of handling—and winning—your car accident claim. You shouldn’t have to deal with a traumatic car accident on your own.

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