Meet Vineet Dubey

Growing up in a small town in Mississippi, I had a bird’s eye view of structural inequality. The poorest communities around get the worst healthcare, and have to send their kids to the worst schools, and that perpetuates a cycle that is extremely hard to get out of. I knew I wanted to help them try to escape from that cycle.

Once I moved out to California, I became very involved in environmental law. What I realized was, not only can I help those people, but I can help the entire state with what I do. I have two little boys, and there’s nothing more important to me now that their development and how they’re growing up. I want to make the environment a safer place for the next generation.

What I do is try to affect change on a broad level. I feel like I’m making a difference for everybody. We hope we have a positive impact with every single client we meet. And when the client leaves us, when we’re done with their case, we want them to feel like we worked 110% on their behalf and took care of them. That’s our approach. That’s at the core of our philosophy here.