Meet Robert Abiri

I grew up out in New York and New Jersey, came out to UCLA for undergrad here in Los Angeles, and ended up staying here. I'm an East Coast guy in the West Coast world now, just enjoying my time out here. I love what I do, and I love the people I work with, including both the attorneys here and the staff as well as the clients I represent.

I started actually on the defense side of things, doing a lot of tort work, and I transitioned over to the plaintiff side. I like helping people and representing that side of the coin. Eventually, I started coinciding my desire to help people with also just the practice group for consumer class actions, deals a lot with false advertising, misleading labels. There's a corporation out there that's presenting a product in a certain way, and that's not accurate. If you can change that, that I would say is successful.

We care a lot about the work we do and the people we represent. It's very reflective of our work product and everyone we work with here. They're genuinely interested in helping the client. It's just something nice to see and be a part of. It takes someone that's dedicated, interested, and willing to kind of go the extra mile and be aggressive about it--and that's something I believe I am.