Meet Miguel Custodio, Jr.

My name is Miguel Custodio. I do personal injury. I really felt that that was an area of law in which I would be able to help people and really make a difference in their lives.

My parents were from Guatemala. They really pushed me to do my best in school. When I became an attorney, I saw that I really wanted to help people that were in need, and a lot of the time people here in LA don't speak English or don't speak English well. They need an attorney and they want to have the best representation possible. I felt there was a shortage of Spanish-speaking attorneys here in LA that would be able to effectively represent people needing help.

I would love for clients to know we really take an individual approach. We are hands-on every step of the way. We have different team members working on every single case. And we make sure that there is nothing left uncovered in terms of their injuries, in terms of any needs they may have. We really care about our clients. We are very focused on them. They're everything. Clients come first.

If you've been injured, call Custodio and Dubey. We're here for you every step of the way.