Have you been hurt in a truck crash in Santa Monica, California? Reach out to a Santa Monica truck crash attorney who can assist with your goal of bringing the negligent party to justice.

When you imagine the worst of all motor vehicle accidents, an 18-wheeler is probably somewhere in the mix. Semis are the T-Rexes of vehicles, and they can cause tremendous damage to all the little dinos on the road. If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a semi-truck, you may be able to obtain justice for your crash.

Filing an injury claim is the process one would take when seeking damages from the person who caused the accident. A negligent trucker, trucking company, or loading company could be to blame for your accident. Contact a semi-trailer truck accident lawyer in Santa Monica at our firm to learn more about the process of filing a truck crash claim.

Truck Crash Injuries in Santa Monica  Are Often Catastrophic

If you’ve been in a truck wreck in Santa Monica, you probably already know that injuries can be serious. Serious injuries can have a tremendous life impact. For instance, your injuries could prevent you from working for a time or keep you from returning to work at all. Your injuries could leave you with chronic pain, which will decrease your enjoyment of life.

Because truck wreck injuries are often serious, your payout will likely be higher than it would be for an accident victim with minor injuries. Below are a few serious injuries that often occur in Santa Monica big-rig wrecks.

  • Severe burns, cuts, and lacerations
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal damage

Dealing with the Trucker’s Insurance Company

If a semi-truck driver is the one to cause your Santa Monica crash, you might wonder who you file your claim or lawsuit against. Depending on the situation, you might file your claim with the trucker’s insurance company, the trucking company’s insurer, or a different liable party’s insurer.

No matter which insurance company you submit your claim with, you might have a difficult time getting them to pay you fairly. Insurers aren’t thrilled about paying out on injury claims, so they might give you a hard time.

This is one of the many reasons it’s good to have a Santa Monica truck accident attorney on your team. Your settlement should cover your damages, such as lost wages, medical treatment costs, pain, trauma, property damage, and lost life enjoyment.

Speak to a Tractor-Trailer Crash Attorney in Santa Monica

Semi-Trailer Truck Accident Lawyer in Santa Monica - Custodio & Dubey LLPBig-rig crashes tend to be more serious than other types of accidents—even motorcycle collisions. You could be left with catastrophic injuries or permanent scarring due to your Santa Monica truck collision. No matter what caused your wreck, the person responsible should be held to account. They could be, but only if you take the initiative to file a Santa Monica truck injury claim.

For help gathering evidence, proving your case, and obtaining a settlement, partner with a truck accident lawyer in Santa Monica at Custodio & Dubey LLP. Call our personal injury lawyers at 213-593-9095 or complete the website submission form on this page to reach us and obtain a free case review.