Los Angeles Wildfire Lawyer

Wildfires in LA have caused injuries, death, and property damage. You may be able to file a lawsuit if it’s found that the wildfire that caused your injuries was due to someone’s negligence. Call an LA wildfire attorney for help with your case.

There is a great amount of suffering that has been caused by the recent wildfires in California. These wildfires may have been caused by a person’s or company’s negligence. If that’s what occurred, you may be owed monetary compensation for injuries, property damage, or the wrongful death of a loved one.

The aftermath of wildfire damage has likely left your life in shambles. Many people don’t know where to turn for help when something so traumatic and unexpected happens.

A Los Angeles wildfire lawyer at Custodio & Dubey, LLP can help. Dealing with insurance claims or filing a lawsuit may be in your best interest. Call our firm to find out more about putting your life back together.

Dealing with Insurance Companies after the LA Wildfires

Two recent wildfires, the Camp Fire and the Woolsey Fire, devastated California. When disasters like this occur, many people lose their homes and their property, and they could be seriously injured, from severe burns to other intense injuries. You will likely need to file an insurance claim in order to recoup the losses you’ve sustained.

Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t usually happy to pay out on these types of claims. They know that they are expensive, and they will sometimes look for any ways to reduce your claim’s value. That’s why it’s important that you keep careful records of all the expenses and losses that you’ve been forced to deal with.

For instance, you could have been forced to pay for housing, transportation, and emergency services. When you call an LA wildfire lawyer, they can help you to document your losses and present them to your insurance company for payment. They will help to ensure that the insurers don’t take advantage of you during this difficult time.

Has Your Los Angeles Wildfire Insurance Claim Been Denied?

Insurance companies can be tough to negotiate with, and you may not be fully equipped to handle them on your own. Your Los Angeles wildfire injury attorney can help you to deal with a denial from the insurance company. If fault for these wildfires is determined and you suffered injuries and losses, you may be able to file a lawsuit to receive additional compensation.

Consult with a Los Angeles Wildfire Attorney

If your life has been upended by the California wildfires, don’t lose hope just yet. You don’t have to deal with these issues without legal assistance. A lawyer can help you to explore all your options for recovering your losses. You may be able to file a lawsuit or insurance claim to help you receive the money you need after a traumatic event such as a wildfire.

Talk to a Los Angeles wildfire lawyer about your situation in a free consultation. You are already dealing with an emotional and stressful situation. You probably don’t want to pile more stress on top when you can instead secure assistance from an attorney. Call Custodio & Dubey, LLP at 213-593-9095, or complete the online submission form below.