Los Angeles Plane Crash Lawyer

Los Angeles Plane Crash Lawyer

You may feel lucky to be alive after a plane crash, but you may not feel so lucky when the hospital bills come due and the mental trauma of the accident kicks in. For help getting your life back, call a plane crash attorney in LA.

The California aviation industry impacts the lives of many Californians. Everyday Americans like yourself have relied upon the convenience of air travel for many years. And strict aviation guidelines over the past few decades have made flying one of the safest modes of transportation. 

However, what happens when there’s an error in flight and things take a turn for the worse? You may not realize it, but when you step aboard a commercial airline or private plane, you’re placing your life in the hands of the company. Unlike a typical car crash, you have no control over a plane crash. 

If you suspect your plane crash in the LA area was the result of negligence, you deserve proper compensation for your damages. Contact a Los Angeles plane crash lawyer at our law firm today. 

Common Causes of Plane Crashes in Los Angeles

Determining the cause of a plane crash is a complicated procedure. Various factors, such as the weather, the condition of the plane, and the actions of the pilot, are important aspects to consider. Nevertheless, your airline of choice owes you a safe passage to your destination. You have every right to expect your airline will hire professional and well-trained crew members.

Unfortunately, human error is a major contributing factor to many plane crashes. Pilots who misread plane calculations and perform below basic safety expectations are putting your life at risk. Poor maintenance is also another preventable cause of many Los Angeles plane crashes. Airlines that refuse to replace faulty parts or perform proper inspections can risk the lives of countless passengers. 

Aviation Accident Injuries

Plane crashes can cause a wide range of injuries, from the very minor to the life-altering. Passengers in such crashes are vulnerable to thousands of pounds of metal, neck-breaking speeds, and hard impacts. Injuries such as the following can occur:

The possible plane crash injuries listed above can require years of medical treatment. Even after treatment of your wounds, you may never truly feel the way you did before the accident. And the traumatic experience may haunt you and create feelings of anxiety and depression. 

Not only will your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing be drastically impacted, but your financial situation will also suffer. Medical care isn’t cheap, and you have to miss work on top of that. 

If you suspect that your plane crash was caused by negligence, you can sue the responsible party in order to recover compensation for your damages. Contact a Los Angeles plane crash attorney at our firm for more information. 

Speak with a Plane Crash Lawyer in LA

The experienced attorneys at Custodio & Dubey, LLP are here to help you win compensation for your Los Angeles plane crash. How will we do that? By giving you the strong, smart legal representation you deserve. A plane crash lawsuit may put you up against major corporations like airlines, but you should know you don’t have to fight alone. 

At Custodio & Dubey, LLP, we’re here to guide you through this stressful situation and fight for your compensation. To schedule your free consultation with a Los Angeles plane crash lawyer, give us a call at 213-593-9095 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page.