If someone injures you due to their negligence, you deserve compensation for your damages. However, the California legal system is very confusing for the average person. The first steps toward receiving justice are not easy to take.

The good news is that our qualified attorneys can help you tell when your injury qualifies for a settlement in California. Keep reading for more information.

When Someone Else Is at Fault

Anytime someone else’s actions have caused you physical, emotional, or psychological harm, you have a chance of being compensated. For example, if your car accident was the result of someone speeding or not using their turn signal, then you may receive a settlement if you pursue legal action.

Los Angeles personal injury attorney at our firm can help you to better understand the financial potential of your unique personal injury case.

When Your Finances or Quality of Life Are Impacted

As long as someone else is to blame, any impacts to your quality of life or finances may make you eligible for a personal injury settlement in California.

For example, if you have medical bills, lost wages, or property damage tied to your accident and injury, the responsible party may owe you compensation. Likewise, if your quality of life has been affected—perhaps your injuries keep you from enjoying hobbies like golf or jogging—you may also be owed a settlement.

Meet with an LA Injury Attorney

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