Serious injuries cause a lot of pain and difficulty. The accidents that cause personal injuries can also cause property damage and a host of financial effects, such as lost income while you recover, hospital bills, and even an inability to ever return to work. California law allows you to sue the person responsible for your injuries to recover compensation for these damages.

But what about the effects of your injury that don’t impact your wallet? The non-financial (or non-economic) damages you’ve endured are every bit as deserving of compensation as your financial damages.

While material items can be replaced, your mental and emotional health are irreplaceable. For this reason, non-economic damages in California are just as important as economic damages.

To learn more about California non-economic damages, read on.

What Is a Non-Economic Damage?

Non-economic damages include a variety of things. Suffering from depression, anxiety, disfigurement, or pain from your accident could be considered a non-economic damage. You might have been involved in a devastating car accident that left your arms paralyzed. Not being able to hold your baby because of these injuries, for example, would also fall under the broad category of non-economic damages.

Other examples of potential non-economic damages include the following:

  • Emotional or mental trauma
  • Bodily disfigurement
  • Not being able to enjoy your hobby
  • Not being able to advance in your career
  • Not being able to travel
  • Not being able to exercise

If you can prove that the other party has negatively impacted your way of life, you have the potential to win compensation through a personal injury claim. An attorney from our firm can help.

Is There a Cap for Non-Economic Damages in California?

Generally, there is no cap on how much compensation you can receive for your non-economic damages in California. However, when the case pertains to medical malpractice, California’s non-economic damages cap out at $250,000.

Emotional Distress

Non-economic losses reflect damage done to your quality of life and include pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium.

Loss of consortium

Injuries often impact the family, like depression anxiety, depression and an inability to deal with physical problems.

Pain and suffering

You are entitled to claims for injuries when the severity causes depression, emotional distress, fear or anxiety. Injuries often have a negative impact on your life and will not be easily overcome. You can receive compensation for injuries that cause depression.

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