Los Angeles Personal Injury FAQ

If you’re currently contemplating filing a personal injury claim in Los Angeles, you probably have some questions. Case-specific questions can be answered during a free initial consultation with a lawyer at our firm. For some general personal injury Q&As, see below.

How do I determine who’s at fault for my LA injury accident?

Figuring out fault is one of the most important steps in the claim process. It will require investigation into your accident, as well as evidence collection. You must first find out the cause of your accident and then figure out who was to blame. You will then gather proof of the at-fault party’s negligence.

How long am I given to file a claim for personal injury under California law?

You are given up to two years to file a personal injury claim in most cases. For some cases, such as medical malpractice cases, you are given a slightly different time frame. You have three years for medical malpractice cases and only six months for claims against the government.

How do I calculate my personal injury settlement?

To calculate your damages, you must add up all the financial and nonfinancial damages your accident has brought to your life. This could include losses such as medical expenses, property damage, missed work wages, loss of quality of life, mental trauma, and costs of treatment.

Do I really need a lawyer’s help in order to win my case?

You really should retain the services of a personal injury lawyer if you want to receive the maximum compensation your case allows. Your attorney has experience with all different types of injury cases and knows how to investigate your accident, prove your case, calculate your damages, and deal with insurance companies.

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