LA School Injury Negligence: How to Recover Compensation

LA School Injury Negligence: How to Recover Compensation

You send your kids to school expecting them to be well cared for and safe. Sadly, they can be injured at school due to negligence. For example, your child could be injured in a slip-and-fall accident because the school staff didn’t clean up a spill. When your child is injured at school you’re bound to be upset. 

You are probably wondering about LA school injury negligence: how to recover compensation.

Filing an Injury Claim for a School Accident

Schools are designed to be safe, but accidents can happen everywhere. Not every school accident is caused by negligence, though. For example, if your child falls off a swing at school, this might simply be an accident and not anyone’s fault. As long as the swing was in good working order, you probably won’t have a case for personal injury.

The way to know if you have a personal injury case is to examine the circumstances of the case to find out if negligence was a factor. If someone’s negligence caused your child to be injured, you could be eligible to file a claim and recover compensation.

Damages for a School Injury

The reason you’re probably interested in filing a claim is because your child’s injury has caused them to suffer. They have faced physical pain, trauma, and missed time from school. You have likely paid medical expenses related to the injury and you may have missed time from work.

These damages can be paid out in a successful injury claim.

Getting Legal Help with a School Injury Claim

Your injury claim could result in a settlement for you and your child. However, filing and winning a claim is rarely easy. 

Understanding LA school injury negligence and how to recover compensation is something a personal injury lawyer can help you with. It’s a complicated legal process, and a legal professional is an asset when filing a claim. Call Custodio & Dubey, LLP at 213-593-9095 or fill out the form below to receive a free case evaluation.