Can I Sue for a School-Related Injury in L.A.? 

Can I Sue for a School-Related Injury in L.A.? 

You send your children to school because you want them to get a good education and have experiences they will remember for life. However, you place a lot of faith in the school that they will care for your child and not let any harm come to them. 

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at schools. Not every accident that takes place at a school is the school’s fault; however, sometimes accidents are the school’s fault. In that event, you could possibly hold the school accountable for the harm your child has suffered. 

You are probably wondering: Can I sue for a school-related injury in L.A.? The answer is yes, but it depends on the situation.

Understanding Who Is Liable for a School Injury

Sometimes, kids get hurt at school because they are playing a little too rough or they fall off of a swing because they were messing around. So long as there wasn’t any negligence on the part of the school or someone at the school, you won’t likely be able to sue. However, if someone was being negligent and wasn’t taking your child’s safety into consideration, you could sue.

Here’s an example:

Suppose your child falls off of a swing and is injured because the swing broke while your child was using it. Now suppose that the swing set is obviously in disrepair and the school did nothing to update the playground equipment. Also imagine that many parents have complained about the school equipment, because it looks dangerous and like it could cause an accident. 

The Los Angeles school did nothing to correct what was obviously a hazardous situation on their property. Your child was hurt. You can sue.

Here are some other examples of when you could sue for a school-related injury:

Contact an L.A. School-Related Injury Lawyer

The above are only a few examples of when you could sue for a school injury in Los Angeles. There are many more reasons you could hold a school, or someone else, liable for your child’s injuries. 

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