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When a beloved family member has suffered neglect or abuse within the nursing home setting, they need you to fight for them. File a nursing home abuse claim with assistance from a Los Angeles nursing home injury attorney at Custodio & Dubey, LLP.

Elderly adults generally enter nursing homes because they need help with physical care. They may not have the capability to care for themselves any longer, so they need a place where they will be safe and well protected. But what if a nursing home doesn’t care for the elders under their protection properly, and instead your loved one is abused?

Although it’s appalling, abuse within the nursing home setting does occur. Unfortunately, there are people who prey upon those who can’t protect themselves. Elderly adults sometimes have physical and mental limitations that prevent them from defending themselves against abuse.

Contact a Los Angeles nursing home abuse lawyer to see about filing a claim against those responsible for your loved one’s abuse.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse in Los Angeles

There are many different ways that your loved one can be abused within a nursing home, and this can make it difficult to be sure that your loved one is being abused. Many signs of abuse can also be signs of other issues not related to abuse, so it’s easy to discount the early signs that something may not be right in the nursing home facility.

It’s important that you always be proactive, ask questions, and keep an eye out for abuse. It’s up to you to protect your loved one from being harmed. The following are some of the common types of abuse that elders can encounter in a nursing home.

  • Physical Abuse – This type of abuse includes any type of physically violent or assaultive behavior toward the elderly person. Examples of physical abuse are hitting, punching, scratching, pushing, shoving, pinching, slapping, and shaking.
  • Sexual Abuse – This abuse includes any nonconsensual sexual contact with the elderly individual. This also includes sexual contact with individuals who don’t have the mental capacity to give consent.
  • Financial Exploitation – Elders can sometimes be taken advantage of financially because of a diminished mental state. They may be coerced or manipulated into changing their financial documents to benefit the financial abuser. Additionally, many people will steal from the elderly because they know the elderly person may not notice the theft right away.
  • Emotional and Psychological Abuse – Elders can be abused in verbal and nonverbal ways. Ignoring, belittling, teasing, taunting, and excluding the elder are examples of this type of abuse.
  • Neglect or Mistreatment – Some elders are neglected within the nursing home setting. For example, they might receive poor-quality food, or they might not be fed enough food. They might not be bathed regularly, or they might not be given adequate access to medical treatment.

Watching for the Signs of Elder Abuse and Neglect

It’s not always easy to spot signs of elder abuse, because you aren’t always there at the nursing home facility. That’s why it’s so imperative that you keep your eyes open, ask questions, and talk with your loved one. You can stop elder abuse by watching for the signs and reacting quickly when you spot them.

Some signs of elder abuse:

  • Physical signs include bruises, scratches, broken bones, and torn or dirty clothing.
  • Emotional and behavioral signs include changes in mood or behavior, depression, anxiety, fear, and personality changes.
  • Financial signs may include sudden and unexplained changes to financial accounts or documents, such as a will.

Damages for the Abuse Your Loved One Has Faced in an LA Nursing Home

If your loved one has suffered elder abuse in Los Angeles, you should speak with an LA nursing home injury lawyer right away. Your lawyer can assist you in securing the settlement your loved one is owed for the abuse they’ve endured. Your loved one could be compensated for their pain, suffering, trauma, medical expenses, lost life happiness, and more.

Get in Touch with a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

Elderly adults who’ve been abused need you to stand up for them. They deserve to receive justice for what’s happened to them, and they deserve compensation for the losses they’ve suffered. Filing an injury claim in Los Angeles could also serve to protect other elders from being abused in the same manner as your loved one.

Hold an abuser and the nursing home liable by filing an abuse case against them. Your Los Angeles nursing home abuse lawyer from Custodio & Dubey, LLP will work to see that those responsible for abusing your loved one can’t hurt anyone else. Contact our office for a free case assessment. Dial 213-593-9095 or complete the form below.