It might seem easy to figure out who caused your motorcycle collision. After all, if you didn’t cause it, it must have been another driver’s fault. However, this is not always true.

There could be many different issues that lead to a motorcycle crash, and not all of these issues are the result of driver negligence. So then, you probably need an answer to this question: Who is at fault for my LA motorcycle accident?

What Could Make a Motorcycle Wreck Occur?

Sometimes, the cause of your motorcycle crash is the fault of another involved driver. A motorist could have been texting while driving, which caused your accident. A motorist could also have been speeding, or they could have run a red light. Any time that a driver is being negligent and causes an accident, they could be held liable.

However, there are other causes of motorcycle crashes in Los Angeles. For instance, your motorcycle collision could have occurred because your motorcycle malfunctioned. Perhaps faulty motorcycle parts were the problem? Another cause of motorcycle crashes is poor motorcycle or auto service work.

Who Could Be Liable for Your Motorcycle Collision in Los Angeles?

You can already see that there are various causes of motorcycle collisions, and not all of the causes are related to driver negligence. You will have to figure out the cause in order to pursue the person responsible. You can only submit a motorcycle crash claim against the person who caused your crash.

Here are some examples of parties that could be liable for your motorcycle wreck:

  • A dangerous driver
  • A mechanic or repair shop
  • A vehicle or motorcycle parts manufacturer
  • A government agency

Get in Touch with a Motorcycle Crash Attorney in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a congested city, and accidents are bound to happen. However, you shouldn’t have to pay for a motorcycle wreck that you didn’t cause.

Talk to a motorcycle crash attorney in Los Angeles from our firm about your case. They can help you to understand who is at fault for your LA motorcycle accident. Custodio & Dubey, LLP offers free case evaluations to those who call 213-593-9095 or who reach out via the online form on this web page.