The people who ride motorcycles are often misjudged. Because you ride a motorcycle, many people believe that you must be reckless. This is a ridiculous stereotype, pushed in part by insurance companies.

Insurers sometimes claim that riding a motorcycle is known to be dangerous, so anyone who does it must be to blame for an accident that occurs.

How unfair is that? Are you asking yourself, “Do motorcyclists get treated unfairly by insurance companies?” In some cases, yes, they do.

Why Would Insurers Treat Motorcyclists Unfairly?

The truth is that some insurance companies only care about their own profits. Once you understand this, the insurance companies’ behavior is easy to understand. Some of them see an injured motorcyclist as an expense they don’t want to pay.

Even though they know they should pay for your injuries when their insured driver was to blame for the crash, they will sometimes try to get out of paying if they can.

One of the ways they eliminate some or all of your claim’s value is to try to make you look like the one who was at fault. They will push the reckless motorcyclist stereotype so that it looks like you caused the accident.

If you were 100 percent at fault, you won’t be able to receive a settlement. If you were partially to blame, insurers know that your damages could be reduced by the amount of fault attributed to your behavior. This is due to comparative fault laws in California. If you believe an insurer is mistreating you, call an injury lawyer right away.

Reach Out to a Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

Back to your question: Do motorcyclists get treated unfairly by insurance companies? In some cases, they do. It’s something to be aware of and on the watch for. Call Custodio & Dubey LLP to learn more about filing a motorcycle injury claim. Dial 213-593-9095 or complete the form below and receive a free case analysis.