false advertising

Individuals have a right not to be misled, deceived or subject to fraudulent or false advertising when living their daily lives and engaging in consumer transactions.  Aside from the resulting unfair treatment by these businesses and corporations, the effects can be devastating – endangering the health of both the individuals themselves as well as their family.  Custodio & Dubey LLP seeks to right these wrongs and compensate those who have been harmed both in California and throughout the United States.

False advertising comes in many forms.  Sometimes a company will present a product as “all natural” when in fact it contains ingredients that are far from natural.  Other times the deceit may be even more glaring, such as when a product is touted as being low in sugar or carbohydrates and lab testing determines the numbers deviate significantly from the nutrition labels.  There are many avenues companies engage to take advantage of a consumer and this is not only prohibited by law, but oftentimes dangerous.

As a consumer, if you believe a product you have purchased was advertised in a false, misleading or deceitful way please contact Custodio & Dubey LLP to evaluate your case and discuss your options.