Los Angeles Uber Accident Lawyer

Uber drivers can cause accidents that seriously harm others. The Uber driver, or the company of Uber, can be held accountable when you file an injury claim with help from an L.A. Uber crash attorney.

Technology and innovation can move the country forward, and it can create better ways of doing things than were available in the past. Ubers have become incredibly popular methods of transportation, and there are many reasons why. They are reasonably priced, fast, and most people trust that they are driven by safe, background-checked drivers.

Unfortunately, even the safest drivers in the world can make mistakes. A vehicle crash can injure you because of a driver’s carelessness, inattentiveness, or recklessness. When an Uber driver caused you to suffer injuries and losses, you will likely be wondering what your options are for recovering your damages.

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Who’s Responsible for Your Los Angeles Crash: Uber or the Driver?

Many companies are responsible for the negligence of their employees, but Uber is a little different. Uber doesn’t technically “employ” their drivers; rather, the drivers are considered independent contractors. This means that Uber enjoys limited liability when it comes to auto wrecks their drivers are responsible for causing.

In most situations, your driver will be the one to blame for the crash, and you would pursue the driver for recovery of your losses. There are a few exceptions, though, in which the company of Uber could be liable for your damages. For instance, when Uber violated laws when hiring the driver who harmed you, you could sue Uber.

Uber also provides insurance for those injured in serious collisions. If your injuries are so serious that the driver’s policy doesn’t cover all of your damages, you can submit your claim with Uber’s insurer and be compensated up to $1 million.

Your Los Angeles Uber collision attorney will know whether you can submit your claim against the driver alone or against both the driver and Uber.

Receiving a Settlement for the Damages Your L.A. Uber Crash Caused You

An L.A. Uber injury lawyer at our firm will work to secure you the compensatory damages you deserve for an Uber wreck that has injured you. You could be compensated for your lost work wages, physical pain, medical treatment, cost of physical therapy, lost life enjoyment, permanent disability, mental trauma, and more.

Connect with an Uber Collision Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Being injured in an accident involving an Uber driver can cause major life upset for you. Your injuries could be so serious that they will change your life forever. The Uber driver must be held accountable when their negligent actions have caused you injury. Make sure that your rideshare crash case reaches a successful claim resolution.

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