Being in a car accident in Los Angeles is not a pleasant experience, and what makes it even worse is dealing with the aftermath. Your car has probably been damaged, you’ve likely been injured, and you could even be in the hospital right now.

In order to recover compensation for your accident, you need to file a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance company, but you will usually need an accident report to prove they were at fault. So, you will need to learn how to get an accident report in Los Angeles.

Basic Steps to Retrieving an Accident Report in Los Angeles, California

Getting an accident report in L.A. requires that you wait forty-five days for the report to be prepared for release. Once the time frame has passed, you can request the traffic report by mail or online. Only accident victims, representatives of the victims, insurance companies, or others involved in the accident case can request a collision report in L.A.

To request an accident report by mail, fill out the traffic collision request form and send the request to:

Los Angeles Police Department
Records and Identification Division
P.O. Box 30158
Los Angeles, CA 90030

You will also need to send in a check or money order for $33.00. You can also request a copy online.

Any traffic report that involves a fatality, juvenile, or an arrest must be requested by mail.

Get Ahold of a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

As you can see, learning how to get an accident report in Los Angeles isn’t so difficult. However, filing a personal injury claimcalculating your claim’s value, and dealing with insurance companies can be difficult. Call a Los Angeles auto injury attorney for help with your claim. Custodio & Dubey LLP can be reached through the form below or by calling 213-593-9095.