Auto wrecks are common, but that doesn’t mean you’re involved in one every day. You might not know the process of filing a claim after a vehicle collision.

If you caused the crash that injured you, you will need to submit a claim with your own insurance company to receive financial reimbursement for your vehicle damage and injuries. However, if you weren’t responsible for the crash that hurt you, there’s another option available.

You can file a claim against the person who was responsible. You can also take them to court if you want to, but that’s not always necessary.

When Is Court Necessary for a Vehicle Crash Claim in L.A.?

There are two main reasons you will go to court for an auto injury claim: because you want to, or because the insurance company isn’t willing to give you a fair settlement.

Why would anyone want to go to court? Some people have goals other than compensation that include justice, holding the negligent person accountable, and preventing others from being injured in a vehicle crash.

If you were hurt because a vehicle part malfunctioned, for instance, you might want to take your case to court to ensure new regulations are implemented that hold manufacturing companies accountable.

Why would insurance companies not pay you fairly? Because they lose money when they pay out on injury claims. The second reason to go to court is the more common reason: The insurer isn’t offering you a fair settlement. In this situation, you will take the insurer to court to get them to pay the fair amount of money you are owed for your car crash and related losses.

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Going to court isn’t always necessary, but you’ll likely feel better if you have a car accident lawyer on your team if you ever do have to go to court. The probability of going to court is low, so try not to stress about it. Call Custodio & Dubey LLP to talk with a Los Angeles car crash lawyer about your case during a free evaluation. Use the form below or call 213-593-9095 to reach our firm.