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L.A. traffic is known for being hectic at times. The City of Angels is full of many sights and sounds that attract countless people to it each year. With so many people traveling through, to, and from Los Angeles, there are bound to be certain roads that are more dangerous than others.

For this reason, these roads see a variety of devastating car accidents each year and require careful driving tactics while driving on them. You can never predict the actions of other drivers, but you can prepare yourself for roadways with notorious reputations. The following roads are among some of the most dangerous Los Angeles has to offer, and you should be careful while traveling on them.

Interstate 405

Interstate 405 features a massive flow of traffic at all times. Unfortunately, a high rate of DUI, speeding, and distracted driving behavior also accompanies Interstate 405. Having LAX nearby also increases the number of chaotic drivers who converge from the highway.

All of these elements can make Interstate 405 extremely dangerous to drivers. Because of how many vital locations link to Interstate 405, there is a constant amount of hazardous traffic, making this one of the most dangerous roads in the Los Angeles area.

Highway 74

Highway 74 has heavy commuter traffic, curves, severe rush hours, and a high potential for many fatalities. Although expansion and improvements to the road could reduce the number of roadside accidents, construction on Highway 74 is extremely complicated.

The entire roadway would likely have to be shut down to complete expansion on Highway 74. Shutting down Highway 74 would funnel the traffic into other nearby areas and raise the chances of more traffic accidents occurring.

Sierra Highway

Despite Sierra Highway having a short length, the road has gained a high fatality rate. Because this area has an outdated street infrastructure, Sierra Highway is inherently more dangerous than it should be.

Although Sierra Highway requires desperate upgrades and repairs, the high amount of traffic that passes through Sierra Highway makes it nearly impossible for it to shut down for serious work. Until Sierra Highway receives the updates it needs, the roadway will remain dangerous until the foreseeable future.

Common Causes of L.A. Car Accidents

Many of the roads above have flaws that cause a high number of car accidents. However, human negligence itself is the cause of a considerable amount of roadside accidents, too. Distracted drivers, drunk driving, speeding, and more are common causes of many L.A car accidents.

Because L.A. has one of the largest concentrations of traffic in the United States, the percentage of car accidents that occurs is very high. This large population, unfortunately, also features a high number of irresponsible drivers.

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