Those responsible for your auto wreck and injuries in Long Beach can be held accountable through a car crash claim. For help with your claim, contact an auto injury attorney from Custodio & Dubey LLP.

As traffic in Long Beach, California, gets worse, so does the percentage of vehicle crashes. The state puts many laws in place to prevent auto collisions from occurring, but they still continue to happen. This is in large part due to drivers’ continued negligence while on the road. When people fail to give driving the attention it deserves, they can cause accidents and injuries.

If someone has caused you to sustain injuries in an auto wreck, you have every reason to expect compensation from them. You should not have to pay for the damages a car accident has caused in your life when you didn’t cause the collision. Make a call to a Long Beach car accident lawyer to see that those who caused your wreck are held to account.

Cause and Liability in Long Beach Auto Wrecks

One of the first things you’ll wonder after being in a crash is, “Who caused it?” You may automatically believe the other driver was to blame, but there are other causes of vehicle collisions, as well.

For instance, sometimes faulty auto parts can cause auto wrecks. If defective vehicle parts caused your crash, the person to blame is not the driver. Liability is a term used to refer to legal responsibility when an auto wreck happens. A manufacturer could be liable if defective parts caused your crash.

One of your Long Beach auto wreck lawyer’s jobs is to figure out what caused your crash and who is liable for it. The following list details a few different parties who could be liable for your automobile collision.

Receiving a Settlement for a Motor Vehicle Crash in Long Beach, California

After your Long Beach vehicle crash attorney discovers the cause of your accident, they will then put together a case against the negligent party. This will require gathering evidence of fault and evidence of your injuries.

Your attorney will also help you to calculate your total losses so you can receive a settlement that compensates you appropriately for this experience. Many people don’t know all the damages that can be included in a vehicle crash claim. Here are some examples of damages you might be entitled to.

  • Medical care costs
  • Lost wages and lost earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental distress
  • Caregiving expenses
  • Property damage
  • Loss of life enjoyment

Team Up with a Vehicle Collision Attorney in Long Beach, CA

Your life has likely come to a crashing halt after a serious injury vehicle wreck. Start your life up again by filing and winning an auto injury claim. A Long Beach car accident lawyer with Custodio & Dubey LLP is ready to take your call and discuss compensation during a free initial evaluation. Dial 213-593-9095, or send over the case evaluation form below.