Dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle collision is not pleasant. A Lancaster motorcycle injury attorney at Custodio & Dubey LLP can make the personal injury claim process easier for you so that you can focus on your health and physical recovery

Motorcyclists are often mistreated following an accident. Blame is often placed on them simply because they choose to ride a motorcycle. “Didn’t you know that riding a motorcycle was dangerous?” they ask. They are really just trying to make you feel like the motor vehicle accident was somehow your fault.

If you didn’t cause your Lancaster accident, it shouldn’t be up to you to pay for it. Filing a claim against the person who did cause the accident is your right. You could receive financial compensation to pay for this accident and for your experience.

A Lancaster motorcycle accident lawyer can help. They can assist you with the claim process and will work to see you receive a successful case outcome.

The Personal Injury Claim Process for a Lancaster Motorcycle Wreck

After you’re injured in a motorcycle crash, you will probably not know what to do right away. You know that you need to receive financial compensation in order to pay for your damaged motorcycle and your medical bills, but where do you start?

First, you need to figure out who caused the bike accident. You can find that out by investigating the accident to determine the cause. If you can prove fault, you can submit a claim with the at-fault person’s insurer. Then, you will want to collect proof of your damages, such as medical expenses, costs to repair your motorcycle, lost income, and so on.

You will then prepare your claim paperwork and send it to the insurance company. Keep in mind that when you work with a Lancaster motorcycle collision attorney, they will do a lot of this work for you.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes in Lancaster, CA

All of the steps in the personal injury claim process are important; however, some are crucial. Before you can file a claim, you must figure out what caused your accident and be able to prove it. Sometimes, the cause of a motorcycle crash isn’t easy to figure out. Turn to a Lancaster motorcycle crash lawyer for help with proving the cause of your accident.

Here are some common causes of motorcycle crashes in Lancaster.

  • Distracted driving
  • Defective motorcycle or auto parts
  • Poor service work

Speak to a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Lancaster, California

It can be devastating to be in a motorcycle wreck, but it can be more devastating to be treated like you were somehow responsible. You don’t deserve to be revictimized when you didn’t cause your motorcycle collision. The person who did cause your crash should be held financially accountable for your damages.

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