Culver City in Los Angeles County, California is named after its founder Harry Culver and was one of the several all-white planned communities in the Los Angeles area in the early 20th century. Early on the city became the home to several film studies, including Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) and Sony Pictures Studios.

As of the 2010 US census nearly 40,000 people lived in Culver City. There were well over 16,000 households, many of which are also homes to one of the tens of thousands of dogs in Los Angeles County.

California Named the “Dog Bite Capital” of the United States

While a household pet may be your family’s best friend, it may not take so kindly to strangers. According to 2013, statistics, insurance companies in our state received nearly 2000 dog bite claims and cost close to $65 million. This is the highest of any state in the United States.

This information, provided in a report from State Farm and the Insurance Information Institute, continued to say that dog bites accounted for over one-third of liability costs for homeowners insurance.

Hiring an Attorney for Your Dog Bite Claim

Less than 1% o dog bite victims receive compensation for their injuries, despite over 4.7 million Americans suffering from dog bites per year. This is because:

  • Dog bites often go unreported
  • Dog bites are often uncompensated by the insurance company

Hiring an attorney to help with your dog bite claim does not mean that you are going to sue a dog owner or the insurance company. In fact, over 98% of bodily injury cases are settled outside of court and without a trial.
Your attorney will:

  • Evaluate your claim and advise if further legal assistance is in your best interest
  • Fill out and file all necessary paperwork
  • Advise you of what steps you should take to strengthen your claim
  • Use his or her own resources to build your case
  • Work on your behalf to ensure that your claim is settled quickly and for the most compensation possible

Contact Custodio & Dubey LLP for Your Free Consultation

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Directions to our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney from Culver City, CA

These directions are from Google Maps starting from:

Culver City, CA
Distance: 9.7 mi
Time: 15 min

  1. Get on I-10 E in Los Angeles from Venice Blvd
  2. Head northwest on Duquesne Ave toward Culver Blvd
  3. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Culver Blvd
  4. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Venice Blvd
  5. Turn right to merge onto I-10 E
  6. Continue on I-10 E to W 4th St. Take the 6th St/9th St exit from CA-110 N/State 110 N
  7. Merge onto I-10 E
  8. Keep left to stay on I-10 E
  9. Use the left lane to merge onto CA-110 N/State 110 N toward Pasadena
  10. Use the right 2 lanes to take the 6th St/9th St exit toward Downtown/Convention Center/Figueroa St
  11. Keep left to continue toward W 4th St
  12. Keep left, follow signs for 4th St and merge onto W 4th St
  13. Continue on W 4th St. Drive to Hill St
  14. Merge onto W 4th St
  15. Keep right to stay on W 4th St
  16. Turn right onto Hill St
  17. Destination will be on the left