Directions From Long Beach

The City of Long Beach is located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and is the third largest city in Southern California. The city is well known for its port, the Port of Long Beach, which ranks as the second busiest container port nationally.

In addition to its port operations, Long Beach also maintains a robust manufacturing industry, and is home to companies specializing in automotive parts, aircraft, electronic equipment, petrochemicals, audiovisual equipment, home furnishings and precision metals.

Like the City of Los Angeles, Long Beach has a bustling public transportation system that many residents rely on, including the use of buses. However, more buses on the road also means there is an elevated risk for bus accidents.

Bus Accidents in Southern California

In Southern California, buses are one of the main means of public transportation. Many residents rely on buses to get from home to work, school and areas around the community.

Under federal guidelines, a bus is defined as any motorized vehicle that is capable of transporting ten or more passengers. This encompasses municipal transit buses, school buses, large vans utilized for public transport, tour buses, airport shuttles, trolleys, and other interstate carriers, like Amtrak buses.

How Do Bus Accidents Happen?

Unfortunately, accidents involving buses do happen. Some of the most common scenarios for bus accidents include:

  • School bus crashes
  • Cyclists being struck by a bus
  • Cars colliding with a bus
  • Pedestrians being struck by a bus
  • Negligent bus drivers
  • Poor road conditions
  • Dangerous weather conditions

More often than not, bus accidents occur as a result of driver negligence. For example, there may be evidence that a driver violated traffic controls, fell asleep behind the wheel or became distracted behind the wheel. When this behavior results in an accident, a driver may be held responsible for any and all injuries sustained by the passengers and others involved.

Depending on the severity of your accident, you may be eligible to file injury claims related to:

  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • Wrongful death

Bus Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

If you are dealing with personal injury as the result of a bus accident, there are legal resources available to you in your recovery.

For those living in Southern California, including the City of Long Beach, the legal team at Custodio & Dubey, LLP can provide the help you need when dealing with personal injury. Our top-notch attorneys have a great deal of knowledge and experience in personal injury law and can provide the wise legal guidance you need to build a strong case that delivers a favorable result.

We invite you to schedule a free preliminary consultation with a member of our personal injury team to assess your bus accident case.

To get started, call our law office at (213) 593-9095.

Directions to our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney from   Long Beach, CA

These directions are from Google Maps starting from:
Long Beach, CA
Distance: 25 mi
Time: 26 min

  1. Get on I-710 N from W 3rd St and W Shoreline Dr
  2. Head north on Pacific Ave toward W 3rd St
  3. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto W 3rd St
  4. Use any lane to take the Interstate 710 N ramp
  5. Merge onto W Shoreline Dr
  6. Use the left 2 lanes to take the Interstate 710 N ramp to Pasadena
  7. Continue on I-710 N. Take I-405 N and I-110 N to W 4th St in Los Angeles. Take the 6th St/9th St exit from CA-110
  8. Merge onto I-710 N
  9. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 4 for Interstate 405 S/Interstate 405 N toward San Diego/Santa Monica
  10. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-405 N and merge onto I-405 N
  11. Use the right 2 lanes to take the I-110 S/I-110 N/Harbor Fwy exit toward Los Angeles/San Pedro
  12. Keep right at the fork to continue toward I-110 N
  13. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-110/Los Angeles/San Pedro and merge onto I-110 N
  14. Continue onto CA-110
  15. Use the right 2 lanes to take the 6th St/9th St exit toward Downtown/Convention Center/Figueroa St
  16. Keep left to continue toward W 4th St
  17. Keep left, follow signs for 4th St and merge onto W 4th St
  18. Continue on W 4th St. Drive to Hill St
  19. Merge onto W 4th St
  20. Keep right to stay on W 4th St
  21. Turn right onto Hill St
  22. Destination will be on the left

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