Erupt News: Toxic Metals in Baby Food

The evils of the food industry in America are now taking effect on the most vulnerable population, children. The hard truth about well-known baby food brands.

Baby food manufacturers like Gerber sell products that are simple and easy for parents to buy and babies to eat. But according to Los Angeles environmental attorney, Vineet Dubey there is more than just sweet potato in Gerber baby food. Two products in particular Gerber carrot, sweet potato, and pea and Gerber sweet potato, carrot, apple, and cinnamon there is a hidden ingredient, toxic levels of lead.

I spoke with Vineet Dubey, a Los Angeles environmental attorney who filed a lawsuit on behalf of Ecological Alliance, against Gerber for failing to comply with California’s Proposition 65.

Both products in question tested well above California’s maximum exposure limit of lead for adults which is 0.5 micrograms.

To put it in perspective, a single serving of Gerber sweet potato, apple, carrot, and cinnamon exposes a child to 1.7 micrograms of lead, three times the daily limit for adults.

Consuming lead is known to hinder neurological development which can impact many aspects of a child’s growth including intelligence, eyesight, and hearing.

“If you’re six months old, and you take in a month’s worth of lead, then your intelligence is never going to reach its peak in your entire life, your hearing may not reach its peak, you’re going to have behavioral issues throughout your life, and that affects everything you can do.”


The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on September 28th is aimed at removing specific products from shelves to be reformulated without high levels of lead. If they are not reformulated, then Gerber would need to add warning labels to the food.

“When a company like Gerber is putting the bottom line over consumers’ health, you have a huge issue. This is a bigger issue in terms of how corporate America interacts with the public, and whether the bottom line is the most important thing, or whether selling safe products to consumers is the most important thing.”


A recent congressional subcommittee report found baby food manufacturers set their own standards for toxic heavy metals, only to ignore those standards, and continue to sell products with high levels of toxic metals without issuing a recall. Lawmakers from that House Oversight subcommittee are now calling for the FDA to impose regulation requirements and mandatory labeling.

FILE – In this Dec. 10, 2020 file photo, Food and Drug Administration building is shown in Silver Spring, Md. A congressional investigation has found levels of arsenic, lead and other toxic metals in many popular baby foods, including organic brands. Baby food makers and the FDA say the metals are in many foods, and they are making progress in removing them. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

We reached out to Gerber for comment on the lawsuit as well as the recent Congressional subcommittee report but did not yet receive a response. In reaction to that report, Gerber told USA Today that when a sample tested above the FDA’s limit for arsenic in June it was then re-tested by the FDA and Gerber was advised that no action was needed.

So besides making your own baby food, what is a well-meaning parent supposed to do?

“One thing you can do is call your Congressman. Make sure they’re pushing for the Food Safety Act to get passed ASAP“ says Dubey.

This article was written by Lauren LaBruna, reporter and host for Erupt News.

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