Mother Claims to Receive Eviction Notice After Property Accident

According to Telemundo, a mother in Los Angeles claims she received an eviction letter from the property she rents with her family due to an accident her daughter had on the site. Last July, Sonia’s daughter was closing the gate at her house when it went off the rails and fell on top of her. Fortunately, the girl recovered shortly after having surgery on her eye. Sonia then made a complaint to the landlord asking him to fix the fence, but days later received a letter asking the family to vacate the property citing safety concerns. Sonia immediately sought legal advice from the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Custodio & Dubey LLP.

Attorney Miguel Custodio explains that eviction cases must follow a legal process. It’s not simply a matter of sending a letter to the tenant to evict the property. According to the property owner, the motive for sending the letter was not due to the accident, but was for the family’s safety. In cases like these, every tenant has rights. An experienced lawyer like the ones at Custodio & Dubey LLP can provide guidance about how to work for the best possible resolution.

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