LA Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit: Things to Know Before You File

Motorcycles are liberating vehicles that have dominated U.S. cities since their introduction. Riding a motorcycle is a sign of freedom and adventure, and many motorists prefer traveling the open road on them.

However, motorcycles are also one of the most dangerous vehicle types you can choose to drive throughout California. Due to the nature of motorcycles, riders have far less protection than other vehicles.

For this reason, riders risk serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). These serious injuries are sometimes the result of negligent drivers who risk the lives of other motorists.

When you’re riding a vulnerable vehicle such as a motorcycle, you don’t deserve to have your life put at risk because of irresponsible drivers. The following are essential things you should know before filing an injury claim.

Who Is Liable In Your Motorcycle Accident?

Before you seek compensation for your damages, you have to know who caused your accident. Liability in a motorcycle lawsuit can range from a variety of people and even organizations. If another motorcycle or vehicle caused your accident, that driver is liable for your damages. Your lawsuit will be filed against the other vehicle’s insurance company, and these represent a majority of motorcycle lawsuits.

Pedestrians can also be liable for your damages. Actions such as jumping in front of your motorcycle can have them accountable for the damages that are a result of their actions. If the city’s construction or obstacles cause your motorcycle accident, you have a right to seek compensation against the city.

Statute of Limitations for Motorcycle Accidents in LA

In the aftermath of your motorcycle accident, you may be confused about what you should do next. If you’re suffering from intense pain after your injury, this can make your situation worse.

Medical bills and property damage can make your situation feel dire. Your other responsibilities, such as a spouse, kids, and work only add to stress levels. Pursuing legal actions is probably the last thing on your mind.

However, the state of California employs a two-year statute of limitations for motorcycle accidents, which means you have two years from the accident date to file an injury claim. To avoid wasting your time or setting yourself up for disappointment, partner with a knowledgeable attorney who can file the necessary paperwork on time.

Speak with an LA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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