Tricks Insurers Use to Take Advantage of Auto Accident Victims

When you’ve been injured in a vehicle wreck in California, you will need to file an insurance claim to obtain money for your damages. Whether you were the one to blame for the wreck or the fault rests with the other driver or another party, you will be dealing with insurance adjusters.

One would like to think that insurance adjusters would be understanding and empathetic when dealing with auto wreck victims; unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. You see, as much as insurers like to claim that they’re “in your corner” and “there when you need them,” they really aren’t on your side.

Tricks Insurance Adjusters May Use to Minimize Your Accident Claim

Insurers are in the business of making money, and they may stop at nothing to increase their profits each year. If that means leaving a few accident victims out in the cold, some of them don’t particularly mind doing so.

The following are just some of the tactics that insurance companies may use to take advantage of you and minimize the value of your auto insurance claim.

Record Your Statements

Insurers like to call you up and ask to record the phone conversation. They don’t do this because they have poor memories and need to play back the recording later. They do this in part so they can use your statements against you.

They may even try to get you to admit fault during the recorded conversation so they can minimize your claim’s value later. They know that your claim will be worth less if they can place some of the fault at your feet.

Offer You a Fast, Low Settlement

Some insurance adjusters know that you’re desperate to get your settlement. After all, you need the money to pay for your vehicle’s damage, and those doctor bills are yelling at you from the counter. Insurers know that many accident victims will take the first offer they receive, even if it’s far less than the amount that is fair for the accident.

Threaten to Take You to Court

Many insurers’ game is to deny that they even owe you money, and they will tell you to take them to court if you want to. They may refuse to pay you a dime, alleging that you don’t have a claim.

Perhaps they will say that their insured client wasn’t at fault, or that your injuries aren’t as serious as you’re claiming. Whatever the excuse they come up with, it’s a bullying tactic. They hope you’ll give up because you don’t want to go to court.

Get Help with Your Claim from an Auto Wreck Lawyer

You don’t have to give up on a claim when you know you are owed compensation. Don’t let insurers trick you out of a settlement that is rightfully yours.

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