Man Crashes into Semi-Truck while Live-Streaming on YouTube

A Los Angeles county resident suffered serious injuries in a recent crash when he crashed into a tractor-trailer while driving distracted.

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Crash in Llano causes major injuries

The recent accident occurred in Llano, California, near San Bernadino County. The driver of a 2012 Honda Fit was traveling on Avenue T, heading west towards the intersection with 165th Street East. The man, an actor, was heading back to his hometown of Claremont and livestreaming his drive to “make it less boring.” The man’s YouTube channel has 2,000+ subscribers. The driver of the Fit apparently failed to yield at a stop sign as he chatted to the camera, and in so doing entered the path of an oncoming big rig, a reflection of which is visible in the vlogger’s sunglasses moments before the accident. The driver of the truck tried to avoid a collision but was unable to and struck the driver’s side door of the Fit. The vlogger was airlifted to Apple Valley hospital with what police described as moderate to major injuries. The driver of the tractor-trailer was not injured.

Study finds that majority of drivers check their phones while driving

The problem of distracted driving has grown steadily over recent years, despite efforts to limit the practice through legislation and public service campaigns. Zendrive, a Silicon Valley startup that makes software which can track behind-the-wheel phone use, publishes an annual report using anonymized data collected from phones which use its software. Zendrive recently released the results of a study which tracked phone use by over 4.5 million drivers. The study found that roughly 60% of drivers used their phones at least once per drive. Extrapolated out to the remainder of the US population, this would mean that 69 million drivers were on their phone at some point during every drive. The average length of time that drivers spent on their phones also increased, rising to an average of four minutes of phone time per hour spent behind the wheel. California drivers who injure others while texting or emailing behind the wheel can face not only major citations and even criminal penalties; they can also face civil liability through a personal injury lawsuit filed by distracted driving crash victims.

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